5 Years and a Lesson in Appreciation

5 years ago, I had started a new chapter of my life because of a relationship separation which resulted in my teenage daughter and I needing to find a place to live instantly with about $800 to live on. I had to rent a room in someone’s home until it was possible to get our own place which we did in a few months. I began looking for new work opportunities while I was attending college.  During this period of time, I often went to a locally owned postal shipping place. It was the type that showcased local honey and a few crafts on shelves along with some custom-drawn greeting cards and framed photographs of the high desert. There was a huge brightly colored mural on one wall depicting a 50’s style convertible parked in front of a red and white checkered diner with a pin-up gal seated in the bright red front bench seat smiling for all she was worth. It was quite memorable so say the least!

While I was speaking with the owner one day, he said he was looking for someone to manage his social media on Facebook and a couple other places and post about items he had for sale and he’d pay about three hundred dollars a month. I was so unfamiliar with “social media for business” that I didn’t dare try it. What he was saying was pretty foreign to me.

In 2015, I discovered FEA, the Female Entrepreneurial Association, and began listening to Carrie Green’s videos and reading her blog and learning about the big confusing world of online business. I’ve been immersing myself in the Members Club for four years now as well as following other entrepreneurs and leaders and after 2 years of taking my employer’s business into the digital marketing space, learning to improve a website and promoting his Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, I can now say with some confidence that I’ve learned how to do this “social media marketing thing”. I still have plenty more to learn, of course, but I’ve come a long way too. Instead of feeling frustrated like I usually tend to do about not making more-progress-faster to get my goals in place online, I realized that I felt a sense of appreciation for the progress I’ve made, researching, finding resources and mentors and being where I am today.

So, as I celebrate my 5th year of this new online world that I’ve become a part of, I have a strong sense of appreciating my journey thus far and celebrating where I’ve traveled from. The proverbial “moment of truth” is nigh. I’ve been preparing, preparing, preparing, and I’ve been at the precipice’s edge for too long. It is time to jump and spread my wings.