Why do women need to get super excited about financial independence?

Are you a woman? Are you a millennial? Are you in a minority? There are a number of reasons why thinking about financial independence is critical to success in your life. And, more importantly, to your well-being in life. Listen to this quick 14-minute talk from a Lacey Filipich, a woman who began saving and creating a passive income at 19, which allowed her to take mini-retirements when she needed them in her life, and who describes herself as “time-rich.” Listen for the tips she shares which you can begin to practice in your life.


If you would like to take your net worth and wealth building to the next level, partner with professionals. An accountant for your business finances. An attorney for your legal needs. And an investment advisor for growing your savings.  I’ve been interested in investing since my early 20s. Since working with an investment advisor, I’ve learned that investing can be more secure that most people realize.  In fact, there’s a great statistic that if you invested in the index since the beginning of the stock market, the average return would have been 7% – that’s including all the lows and financial disasters over 202 years! That’s an incredible track record!

(The Sales Pitch Paragraph) The advisors at Mancini Investments (founded by Anthony J. Mancini) will help you grow your net worth over time, safely and soundly. For a lot less than you think it costs. In fact, research shows that having a professional invest your money yields at least 3% more than when you do it yourself. Let’s talk. And answer your questions. And get you on the right track. http://www.manciniinvestments.com

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